TomTom 2 for ONE (v2) Accy Cube Promo

TomTom 2 for ONE (v2) Accy Cube Promo
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2 for ONE Classic Cube Pack

Get two accessories in one value pack for your TomTom ONE. Ideal for when you?re on the move! Includes USB home charger and Carry case & strap.

Carry Case and Strap:
- Specifically designed to fit your TomTom ONE
- Hardcover material offers good protection from bumps and scratches
- Wrist wrap included

USB Home Charger:
- Plugs for mainland Europe, UK, Australia and USA
- Power charger supports 110 to 220 volts
- An additional USB cable for connecting your TomTom to your computer for using TomTom HOME
- The home charger also comes with over-voltage protection

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