GOLLA G1374 Slim Folder JEROME white (IPAD3), sisus Gray

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. Takana reikä kameralle, "smart stand", pehmeä sisäpuoli. Tukee auto-sleep-toimintoa.

Yhteensopivuus: IPAD3

iPad/Tablet Folder JEROME / G1374


The iPad Slim Folder features slim designs with a big attitude, providing style and flexibility for life on the go. A simple and clean minimalist design makes the Slim Folder great for everyday use. They provide a lightweight and versatile structure for the best use of all the iPad’s features. New materials give the products a unique look and feel and a variety of designs give your iPad a personality of its own. High quality synthetic leather material is smooth and elegant, adding a touch of class. The Slim Folder’s new colours and designs will get attention wherever you go. Whether you’re urban & industrial, artistic & elegant, or bright & vibrant, there’s something to match every style. You won’t have to sacrifice freedom for style & functionality. Always connected, always looking good, always on the move…

Colours & Materials

Cover: White / 100% Polyurethane
Lining: Gray / 50% Polyester, 50% Polyurethane


Case size (outer):
196 x 255 x 4 mm / 7.7 x 10.0 x 0.2 inch


camera hole on back
built in smart stand for easy viewing
soft lining to prevent scratches
supports the iPad’s auto sleep function

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